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LinkedIn Post #2 - July 26th 2023- What is Coaching?

What is coaching?

Let's explore what coaching is all about and how it can benefit you:

šŸŽÆ Goal-Oriented Conversations: Coaching provides a structured approach where you can examine your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors related to specific situations or challenges. The goal is to shift your perspective and mindset to reach your desired outcomes.

šŸ” Evoking Awareness: Paying attention, being aware, and living intentionally lead to a fulfilling life. Coaching helps you become more self-aware, exploring beyond your current thinking and identifying factors influencing your behavior, thoughts, and emotions. It empowers you to generate ideas and discover what steps to take next.

šŸ§  Rooted in Science: Coaching methodology draws from neuroscience, particularly neuroplasticity, showcasing the brain's ability to change and rewire. It also incorporates elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which explores the connections between cognition, emotion, and behavior.

šŸ’¬ The Power of Listening: Just being genuinely heard during a conversation has incredible benefits. Research shows that speakers paired with good listeners feel less anxious, gain clarity about their attitudes, and experience greater insight and cognitive flexibility.

šŸ”„ Reducing Burnout: Coaching has proven effective in addressing burnout, fostering self-compassion, and reframing challenging situations, leading to increased confidence and job satisfaction.

šŸ’¼ Coaching Works: Companies and individuals alike benefit from coaching. Studies indicate that 80% of people receiving coaching report increased self-confidence, while over 70% see improvements in work performance, relationships, and communication skills.

[Sources in Comments]

What comes to mind when you think about coaching? What questions do you have about coaching?

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