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LinkedIn Post #5 - August 1st 2023 - Have You Adopted a #Delulu Mindset?

Have you adopted a "delulu" mindset?

I recently learned about this new term, a play on delusional, which is essentially a revamp of "fake it 'till you make it." (Article linked in comments)

Being #delulu is about faking self-confidence and embracing radical self-belief and deluding yourself into believing you can achieve anything.

The framing of this is really interesting to me because the concept is that your goals or aspirations are unrealistic in some way and your pursuit of them is delusional and fraudulent.

But can you actually fake self-confidence?

I believe that you can, and it can actually be an important step in re-wiring your brain. We can change our thoughts and beliefs by adopting new ones, that's the beauty of neuroplasticity.

"I'm a confident person" can definitely start as "I can pretend to be a confident person until I become a confident person."

We can change the thought "I will never get that job, I'm not good enough" to "I deserve that job and I am going to get it because I know I'm a great candidate."

The delulu mindset is a bit different though, it's about starting with the thought "I will never get that job, I'm not good enough" to "I don't think I'm good enough, but I'm going to pretend I am and they'll be fooled into giving me the job."

I think the latter mindset shift can work, but it could be flimsier. Because your actions aren't rooted in a new belief about yourself, their rooted in the idea that believing in yourself is...delusional.

I'm hesitant to be too critical, though.

I think if adopting a particular mindset helps you change your thoughts in a way that helps you take actions you might otherwise not take, and it helps you get the results you want, you do you!

Perhaps being delulu is a stepping stone to a more solid, deep sense of self-belief?

What do you think? Is this "new" trend a positive one? Or are there better ways to increase confidence?


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