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LinkedIn Post #1 - July 25th 2023 - The Low Achiever!

Hello Folks! Today marks the beginning of an incredible journey as I launch my coaching business!

I am a Certified Leadership and Performance Coach and have coached dozens of amazing young professionals on everything from starting a new role, improving communication with their manager, building self-confidence, navigating a career transition, to feeling stuck and working through uncertainty.

I've been fortunate to witness the transformative power of coaching in my own life and the lives of others. Now, I am very excited to offer coaching services to my network!

The Low Achiever is coaching for any young (un)professional who defines success on their own terms, or wants to start.

It's about reclaiming what it means to be successful or a "professional."

Recovering high achievers, high performers, and perfectionists - people who have found success on society's terms and are ready to find it on their own.

The Low Achiever is for anyone who has big goals, dreams, and ideas, and has been told they don't have what it takes, but they're not so sure.

Anyone who's lost, misunderstood, confused, burnt out, stuck, and wants to forge a new path forward and connect with what they really want from their career, on their own terms.

The Low Achiever is for any young (un)professional who wants support in figuring sh*t out!

Check out available coaching packages and book an intro call to learn more and see whether TLA Coaching is right for you (Link in Comments).

Coming Soon:

Group Coaching

Resource Classroom



And More!


Hey there! I’m Gill, I'm a certified Leadership and Performance Coach. I partner with people looking for support in navigating the modern workplace and approaching their career more intentionally.👋🏻 💜 Picking up what I'm putting down? Please, repost & come chat with me in the comments! I’d love to hear from you. 💌 Head to my website, to learn more and checkout available coaching packages! 👉🏻 Follow #TLACoaching to see my previous posts 🛎️ Hit Follow and the bell icon on my profile to never miss my content I post about #Coaching #Mindset #FutureOfWork

Gill, a white woman sitting cross legged, wearing blue denim overalls with a whole in the knee. Gill has short, dark, blond hair and visible tattoos on her right arm and left foot. Gill is holding a framed poster with the typed words The Low Achiever. Gill is sitting on a bench in front of a wall with rustic wood paneling.

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