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My Philosophy

Meaningful. Interesting. Challenging

The vision statement for my life I came up with a few years ago encapsulates my core values and acts as a sort of “litmus test” when I’m making decisions and navigating my life:

I want my life to be meaningful, interesting, and challenging. 

In many ways, these three things are interrelated and in pursuing one, I find the others. 

I find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in supporting others in their pursuit of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. A quote from psychiatrist and Auschwitz survivor Viktor Frankl captures this sentiment well, “The meaning of your life is to help others find the meaning of theirs.”

Living a life that is interesting to me is about stepping outside of my comfort zone, trying new things, and being curious about people and opportunities. 

It’s not hard to live a life that is challenging, in many ways it’s built in.  For me, it’s about intentionally leaning into opportunities that intimidate me or feel scary and seeing these as chances I can take to grow and learn. It’s also about recognizing the meaning of, and opportunity that can be found within, the challenges I face and the struggle life inevitably brings.

I wholeheartedly believe that we meet no ordinary people in our lives and that every single human being is creative, resourceful, and whole. 

My core values are: Personal Responsibility, Humility, Relationships, Fun, Kindness, Growth, and Integrity.

Why I Coach

I started coaching in 2021 and at first, I found it to be the most difficult and stressful part of my job.

I was working with several young professionals as they navigated the transition into their new jobs, often their first job out of school or their first corporate job and I was working alongside them as they faced various obstacles and difficulties. Many felt lost in the new corporate environment, unsure of all of the unwritten rules and expectations, and unclear on how they should show up, let alone how they wanted to show up, in their new workplace. The folks I was working with were all neurodivergent and in addition to figuring out a new workplace climate and culture (during a pandemic no less!) many were also traversing the tumultuous landscape of accommodations.

I felt like I had to have all the answers, I WANTED to have all the answers. I wanted to be able to solve their problems and fix the systems and barriers they were experiencing. It would take me a while to realize that was not, and would never be, my role as a coach.

Embracing that reality and truth led me to realize that coaching is my calling and is now the BEST part of my days.

Every single person I’ve ever worked with is a whole, unbroken, incredible human, with the ability to resolve all of their own problems and realize all of their potential, without my advice or my answers.

Everyone I have worked with has taught and shown me that we must rely on one another, ask for help, and embrace our interconnectedness and interdependence. We cannot face the challenges of life alone.

This is not to say the support we seek from others must take the form of answers, advice, and solutions to our problems. It means we must hold space for one another, listen, be patient, empathetic, curious, share what we’ve learned when we’re asked to, and sometimes just be present when someone needs the company.

To me, this is where coaching is invaluable. We all have the capacity to find and cultivate the solutions to the challenges we face. We are all resourceful, curious, and imaginative.

I coach because I want more people to recognize this within themselves, for more people to discover the ingenuity within themselves.

I don’t coach because people have something wrong with them that needs to be fixed. I coach because people deserve to know there’s nothing wrong with them exactly as they are.

I don’t coach because people can’t figure things out for themselves. I coach because we all need people who can support us and partner with us as we navigate the chaos of our lives.

I don’t coach because people are broken. I coach because people don’t know they are whole.


My coaching practice acknowledges, and is informed by the fact, that humans are impacted and shaped by the society's we live and grow in. Our socialization within these systems, this includes White Supremacy Culture, patriarchy, colonialism, ableism, racism, sexism, capitalism, heteronormativity, and more, shapes our identities, values, and beliefs. 

It is a priority and a key component of my ongoing learning and development to understand how these forces shape peoples' experiences. This equips me with tools to serve my clients more effectively by using my awareness of these systems to evoke awareness of these systems with those I work with. For example, is a client experiencing imposter's syndrome or racism, misogyny, or ableism? Are your thoughts and beliefs about what's possible for you rooted in internalized oppression (internalized ableism, misogyny, etc.) or people pleasing tendencies developed in other ways, or both?

In short, by being aware of and informed about these systems and how they impact our lives, I can better question assumptions and beliefs raised by my clients. I'll push, question, affirm, and acknowledge in ways someone without this perspective may not. I don't take for granted the role these systems play in our lives. 

The Low Achiever is coaching through a feminist, trauma informed, neuro-affirming, intersectional lens. This is an ongoing practice I am committed to, not something I have simply achieved or accomplished, it's a dedication to growth. 

The LinkedIn Bio 

As a coach, I provide a safe and inclusive space for individuals to discover how to take ownership over their career journey and show up in the way they want to in their professional lives. I work with people in various places along their career path, as they navigate career transitions, overcome obstacles, and build meaningful careers. My ultimate goal is to support individuals in cultivating the tools and mindset that will help them pursue meaningful and fulfilling careers that bring them joy and satisfaction.

For the past two years I’ve been working with dozens of neurodivergent folks as they transition into new roles and workplaces and providing support to employees and managers navigating various workplace challenges. I also work with hiring managers and people managers to support them in making workplaces more inclusive, accessible spaces for neurodiverse teams.

I have enjoyed working in the non-profit sector for 9 years, specifically in client experience and engagement, group facilitation, DEI, and operations. I have my certificate in Adult Education and I am an ACC level, ICF Certified Leadership and Performance Coach.



My Positionality


I am a 33 year old white settler, cisgender woman. I am also queer and neurodivergent. I am married, childfree, and live in the suburbs of Ontario, Canada. My coaching practice is neuro-affirming and inclusive of all LGBTQQIP2SA+ folks and people of all gender identities. 


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