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I don’t coach because people are broken. I coach because people don’t know they are whole.

The Low Achiever is coaching for neurodivergent professionals, leaders, performance managers, and those aspiring to lead or manage people. Being a neurodivergent leader may present you with unique challenges, and opportunities. Whether you're unsure about taking on a leadership role or you're already in one, coaching can support you in showing up as the leader you want to be by helping you cultivate self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-efficacy. Coaching can support you in identifying your core values and developing your authentic leadership style to bring everything into alignment so you feel more confident in managing people and teams. 

If you've ever felt broken, or like you "should" be different or more like someone else, coaching can support you in cultivating a wholehearted understanding of your wholeness. Coaching will help you believe, deeply, that there is nothing wrong with you. 


The Low Achiever is for anyone who has big goals, dreams, and ideas, and has been told they don't have what it takes. Any neurodivergent leader who's lost, misunderstood, confused, burnt out, stuck, and wants to forge a new path forward and connect with the leader they really want to be, on their own terms.

Low Achiever

Gill, The Low Achiever founder and coach. Gill has short dark blond hair, is smiling, wearing a rugby shirt and light jeans with holes in the knees. Gill is sitting on a brown coach with her dog, a golden retriever named Joey.

I'm Gill, your coach!

This is Joey!

A woman with long dark hair and bangs sitting at a laptop during a coaching session. There is a brown couch in the background.
A man with short dark hair and facial hair sitting in a wheelchair smiling at his laptop during a coaching session.  He is sitting infront of a planter with plans in it.
An Asian person with short dark hair wearing a mustard yellow sweater and earring spacers sitting at a computer during a coaching session.
White woman with long dark brown hair wearing glasses and a white long sleeve top smiling in front of a laptop during a coaching session.
A white man with blond hair and facial hair sitting infront of a laptop during a coaching conversation. He is sitting in a room with pictures on the wall behind him and at a desk with items on it.
"I had an excellent experience working with Gill. Her individualized and flexible approach made me feel very understood and helped me grow and reach my goals with confidence. I continuously felt supported by Gill at every step along my path, and her care and dedication for her clients is immediately evident while working with her. I also appreciated how Gill is always open minded and willing to learn and support regarding any neurodiversity or other needs that a client might have. I highly recommend Gill's coaching and advocacy in any professional situation. Thank you Gill!"

- Spring

"While working with Gillian, I experienced an extremely high level of support, professionalism and prompt action. I could feel the care and effort she puts into her profession and would be happy to work with her again. I will be recommending her to my colleagues in the future if they require assistance."

- Azeem 

"If you want to work with someone who will support you on your self awareness journey, Gill is the person for you. Her coaching support has helped me both personally and professionally and she has had an incredibly positive impact on my professional development. Her coaching has supported me in developing greater confidence in my work and navigating my path forward. Thank you, Gill!"

- Jennifer

Gill is a great champion, advocate, and ally to the neurodivergent community. She puts extraordinary pride, dedication, and passion into her work of supporting autistic and other neurodivergent individuals.

Having been coached by her, I can say that Gill is an amazing listener. She is very attentive, has a great ear and eye for detail, and is able to pick upon a seemingly small and meaningless byte one said and help them analyse and connect it to the broader theme of the conversation.

- Ben

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