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Coaching Packages

Below you can find some traditional coaching packages. My prices are PWYC, stated prices are for an employed person not living pay check to pay check, with some savings. 

I want my services to be accessible to those who need and will benefit from them most. If you are interested in coaching but cost is a barrier, please book an intro call with me and we can discuss options. 

Monthly Ongoing Coaching

  • 60 minute - Initial Discovery Session 
  • Frequency and length of coaching sessions can evolve with your needs

  • Summary emails after each session, with homework to be completed before next time. The homework could be an inquiry, a task or a mindset to adopt, all centered around goals that have already been established and agreed on at the beginning of the coaching relationship 

  • Introduction to Self-Coaching tools, resources, and strategies

  • Research and articles to support coaching goals, eg. information about neurodiversity and executive function, if relevant for a neurodivergent coachee

  • Weekly 15 minute "can't wait" calls if something comes up and needs to be discussed right away 

  • Daily ongoing email contact and support 

  • Formal wrap up conversation to conclude coaching when you wish to end monthly engagement, including reflective exercises and tools to self-coach following program ending

Sign Language


  • Pay at the beginning of the month, cancel any time

*Sliding Scale*

Hourly Coaching



  • Pay for coaching sessions by the hour

  • Great for troubleshooting a specific issue or "firefighting"

  • An option for those who have engaged in monthly coaching previously or those who want to try out coaching before transitioning to a monthly program

  • Summary emails after each session


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